Fulfillment Packaging Supplies


Resource Packaging is an expert in fulfillment center packaging needs. Top-tier e-commerce companies look to us for innovative packaging and supply chain solutions to reduce inventory, plan for heavy seasonal demand, forecasting, vendor managed inventory, total cost reduction and unparalleled customer service. 

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We are committed to operational excellence, reliable service and ongoing cost reduction strategies. We represent “best of breed” manufacturers and offer the latest, most innovative packaging to our clients.  Our cost structure, unlike the large cumbersome distributors, is low and enables us to offer the most competitive overall value proposition.

Fulfillment centers have a wide range of needs, and putting together a complete packaging solution demands outstanding product selection and a range of service options. We are the experts that will help you maintain the lowest costs with the highest levels of service.

Contact our packaging solutions consultants so we can explore your specific needs today.